Emergency Plumbing Repair Near me in South Pandosy KLO Kelowna

Emergency Plumbing Repair Near me in South Pandosy KLO Kelowna

At Shamrocks Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout the Kelowna area for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Emergency Plumbing Repair Near me in South Pandosy KLO Kelowna

Emergency Plumbing Repair Near me in South Pandosy KLO Kelowna

Customer service satisfaction is important and should be a certainty in a service-oriented company. Satisfying a customer with good service makes sure the plumbing company who provided the service would be hired to work on another project for the same customer. Testimonials and word-of-mouth publicity from a satisfied customer are the most effective tools to use so that the company can get more clients and customers. Naturally, when you receive excellent service from a company, you will eventually recommend them to another person like a friend or a relative.

This is also correct when appointing the services of a plumbing business to install all plumbing demands of a house or a business. Keep in mind, plumbing systems are not limited to basic plumbing fixtures or the setting up of pipes. It includes the hot water tank, the whole kitchen and bathroom installations, which includes the sink as well as the shower and tub.

Other things that the plumbing company must be able to offer involves cleaning clogged pipes, repairing waste disposal units and repairing leaking pipes. Many plumbing businesses also have gas and heating maintenance plus equipment set up as an important aspect of their services. Every feature of a plumbing service is important so you enjoy the luxury and comfort of your home.

Repeated Business Comes From Excellent Services

When good work is performed, the recipient is happy. The customer, generally, will tell their friends and relatives about the overall quality of service they received. This word of mouth advertising is as necessary as it provides the company with important leads. This can cause a chain reaction, which helps to create a solid client base for the company. In such a scenario, any plumbing business that values their status and wants to serve the local community over long periods will make sure that the quality of what they do is consistent.

Local Laws and Rules

Plumbing contractors and their services are bound to different codes specific to the place where it is located. This ensures service quality and safety from businesses or individuals who perform these services . The trade needs to be regulated to assure the government that only licensed plumbing contractors operate in the area. Explore online for comments on local companies whenever you need a plumber, and try to determine if they are acceptable for your standards.

Many people believe that they can fix their own plumbing issues. However, they should remember they are governed by the identical set of regulations and laws that adheres plumbing companies. When you are trying to do-it-yourself, you might be putting yourself, your loved ones and the whole building into more danger than when you hire an expert to do the work for you. Therefore, hire a professional for the work. This removes the problems you face when setting about to fix a plugged or leaking plumbing fixture in your own. It is not worth sacrificing that small sum of money for a service you know little about.

If you need leaky faucet repair work done call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (250) 575-8138

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbers we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to unclog bathtub experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search plumbing and heating near me. Our name usually comes up


Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating
Phone: (250) 575-8138
1325 Elwyn Rd
Kelowna BC, V1X 5M9
Ph: (250) 575-8138
Place ID ChIJn4vNZ9iMfVMRXltsh-77N18

Business Hours:
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Emergency Plumbing Repair Near me in South Pandosy KLO Kelowna


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Plumbing Heating Contractors Near me in Kelowna

Plumbing Heating Contractors Near me in Kelowna

At Shamrocks Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout the Kelowna area for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Plumbing Heating Contractors Near me in Kelowna

Plumbing Heating Contractors Near me in Kelowna

As full service professional plumbers we’re able to deal with all of your home service needs, including new installation, routine maintenance, fixing leaks or any type of plumbing work in residential and commercial premises. Tub, toilet or tap… whatever it is that you are looking for you can call on us to send out a registered plumber to take care of things in a polite and competent manner.


Repairs can run from the minor variety – for example a leaky tap – to more serious ones that are, or may be, catastrophic. Our dedicated team of plumbers can offer the tools, skills and experience to resolve any challenge that crops up, and they’re experts at anything from replacement piping to leak detection.

We can speedily fix any dilemmas with plumbing that might arise at your house or commercial property. For any plumbing emergencies, please contact us. We have an emergency 24-7 plumber on call who’ll be sent out to your premises ASAP. Any time day or night, you’ll be able to rely on us for patient and timely help whatever you emergency. We know just how stressful plumbing problems tend to be, in particular if it’s an unexpected emergency out of normal working times.

Plumbing Installations of All Types

Shamrocks Plumbing boasts a long standing reputation for quality workmanship. Regardless of whether you wish to get a brand new toilet or some insulating pipe installed, or you need a re-piping or installation in a residential or commercial building, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to ensure it is completed to code.

We’re regarded also as leaders in modernizing plumbing systems in older houses, a thing that we have been working on for quite a while now, most notably in the many beautiful houses in the Kelowna area.

Our residential and commercial plumbing service is the top choice for either modern homes or older properties across the Kelowna area.

If you need hydro jetting done call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (250) 575-8138

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a master plumber or are looking for plumbing companies we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to kitchen sink installation experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search 24 hour plumbers near me. Our name usually comes up


Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating
Phone: (250) 575-8138
1325 Elwyn Rd
Kelowna BC, V1X 5M9
Ph: (250) 575-8138
Place ID ChIJn4vNZ9iMfVMRXltsh-77N18

Business Hours:
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Plumbing Heating Contractors Near me in Kelowna

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24 Hr Plumber Repair Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

At K.C.’s Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout Vancouver for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

24 Hr Plumber Repair in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

24 Hr Plumber Repair in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

We are a full service plumbing company who’s able to deal with all of home or business service needs, including the likes of leak repair, regular maintenance, installation or all types of plumbing work in commercial and residential environments. Tap, tub or toilet… whatever it is that you are looking for you can trust us to send a qualified plumber to handle everything in a courteous and competent manner.


Repairs can run from the minor variety – such as a dripping tap – to more serious ones which are, or perhaps could be, calamitous. Our specialist plumbers can offer the tools, skills and experience to sort out almost any predicament that you experience, and they are experts at anything from pipework to leak detection.

We are able to quickly handle any type of plumbing dilemma which may cause concern at your house or commercial property. For any plumbing emergency, please contact us. We’ve got a 24-7 emergency plumber on call who’ll be sent out to your home in Vancouver as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter what the time of day or year, you are able to count on us for patient and timely support whatever you emergency. We understand just how stressful plumbing issues tend to be, particularly if it is an emergency situation out of the regular business day.

Installations of All Kinds

We at KCs Plumbing are proud of our lengthy standing for top notch workmanship. No matter whether you want to get a bit of insulating pipe, or a new kitchen basin installed, or you are looking for an installation or re-piping in a commercial or residential property, we have the skills and the practical experience to make sure that every job is carried out properly.

We’re well-known also as leaders in updating plumbing systems in older houses, a thing we have been working on for quite a while, most notably in the magnificent houses in the West End of Vancouver.

Our excellent residential and commercial plumbing service is a good solution for contemporary homes and older properties throughout greater Vancouver.

If you have a burst pipe call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 873-3753

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbing contractors we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to drain cleaning plumber experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search plumbing and heating near me. Our name usually comes up



KCs Plumbing and Heating Ltd
Phone: (604) 873-3753
1896 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 2S7
Ph: (604) 873-3753
Place ID ChIJtQ7EzKh2hlQR0RV88aluvys

Business Hours:
Monday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Tuesday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Thursday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday Closed

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24 Hr Plumber Repair in Dunbar Southlands Vancouver

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Who Do You Call in a Plumbing Emergency

As full service professional plumbers we are able to take care of all your home service needs, including regular maintenance, repair of leaks, new installations and any sort of work in commercial and residential properties. Tap, toilet or tub… whatever it is that you require you can count on us to send out a certified plumber to handle everything in a competent and polite manner.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Potential tasks can run from the minor variety – for example a leaking tap – to those that are, or perhaps could become, devastating. Our professional team of plumbers have got the tools, skills and experience to remedy any sort of predicament that you encounter, and they’re experts at anything from pipework to resolving leaks.

We’re able to easily deal with all sorts of plumbing dilemmas that may occur at your home or commercial property. For all your plumbing emergencies, speak to us. We’ve continually got a 24-7 emergency plumber on call and will dispatch to your property ASAP. Regardless of the the time of day or year, you can trust in us for fast and patient help in any emergency. We realise just how worrying plumbing related dilemmas are, in particular if it’s an unexpected emergency out of the regular business day.

Every Type of Plumbing Installation

We at Pioneer Plumbing are proud of our lengthy standing for good quality workmanship. Whether you need to have a bit of insulating pipe or a nice new kitchen basin put in, or you require an installation or a total re-pipe in a residential or commercial property, we have the skills and the on-site experience to be certain it is completed in line with the guidelines.

We are additionally an established leader for replacing the piping in old properties, a thing we’ve been undertaking for several years, most noticably in the splendid homes in Vancouver’s West End.

Our terrific commercial and residential plumbing service is a good solution for both contemporary homes and heritage homes throughout the greater Vancouver region.

What Would Case an Emergency?

One of the most common plumbing problems in cold weather is freezing pipes. Pipes freeze in a high percentage of homes in areas where the temperature dips below freezing. Because this causes serious damage to pipes and home plumbing systems, it’s something that you’ve got to be proactive about dealing with.

What happens is that when the temperature gets below freezing, stagnant water that’s just sitting in the pipes freezes. When it becomes ice, it expands, putting thousands of pounds of pressure on the pipes. This cracks the metal can causes everything to go out of whack. When the ice thaws, you’ve got cracked pipes and the water can’t get where it needs to go. When you turn on the faucet, nothing comes out at all. This means that things have already gotten bad.

What You Can Do About It

First of all, make sure that you’ve got insulation on all of your piping. If you have pipes that are exposed to the outside temperatures, take special care to make sure that they are fully insulated. You can buy foam insulation from any hardware store and install it yourself. It’s an easy job that can be done in just a few hours with simple tools.

For plumbing that is located in kitchen cabinets or other places that might get colder than the rest of the house, open them up so that some warmth gets in there. Especially watch pipes that are located in attics and basements where there will be cold temperatures. Open up these areas to keep them warm when the weather gets its coldest.

Since standing water is the cause of freezing pipes, you should also run some water through the plumbing system occasionally. Turn on the taps to let a little bit of water trickle out when it gets especially cold outside. If you keep the water moving through all of your faucets, it will keep the pipes from icing.

Also make sure that you don’t have any clogged drains. This is another opportunity for water to stagnate and turn into ice. Keep all of your pipes clear and avoid putting anything in them that is hard to dissolve like fat, grease and oil.

If you’re going to go away for a vacation, make sure you’ve got everything well insulated. Drain all of your pipes so that there is no water left to freeze.

What To Do When Your Pipes Have Frozen

Once your pipes are frozen, all is not lost. You can warm up the plumbing and get the water flowing again in most cases. Try running lukewarm water through the pipes or heating them up with a hair dryer. A little bit of heating will do; just enough to get it melting. If you get the water too hot, this will cause further problems in the pipes.

If the pipes are already cracked, there is nothing left to do but call the plumbing experts and have them reinstall piping. This is an expensive and involved job, so make sure that you prevent freezing first. Keeping an eye on your piping and making sure it doesn’t freeze is a good way to save money.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
626 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3K4
(604) 872-4946

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Popular Vancouver Plumbers

As professional plumbers we can carry out all of home or business service needs, including the likes of regular maintenance, fixing leaks, new installations or all sorts of work in residential and commercial settings. Tub, tap or toilet… whatever it is that you need you can count on us to send an accredited plumber to take care of things in a competent and considerate manner.


Potential tasks can run from the minor variety – such as a dripping faucet – to those which are, or perhaps may be, catastrophic. Our specialist team of plumbers have got the tools, skills and experience to resolve any kind of predicament that you come upon, and they’re specialists at everything from re-piping to troubleshooting leaks.

We are able to immediately take care of all sorts of plumbing problems which may cause concern in your home or commercial property. If you’ve got a plumbing emergency in Vancouver, get on the phone to us. We’ve always got a 24-7 emergency plumber on call who’ll be sent out to your home as quickly as is possible. It doesn’t matter what the time of day or year, you are able to depend on us for speedy and cooperative assistance whatever you emergency. We realize how worrying plumbing related problems can be, especially if it’s an emergency situation after regular business hours.

Installations of All Types

We at Pioneer Plumbing are proud of our long standing history of quality workmanship. No matter whether you wish to have a nice new kitchen sink or a bit of pipe insulation installed, or you require a re-piping or installation in a commercial or residential premises, we’ve got the expertise and experience to make certain all jobs are completed correctly.

We’re recognized also as leaders in modernizing the piping in older properties, something that we’ve been undertaking for quite a while now, most notably in the many fabulous properties in the West End of Vancouver.

Our dedicated commercial and residential plumbing service is a good solution for both heritage homes and contemporary homes across the greater Vancouver district.

Your kitchen means the most when you don’t have ugly drainage problems that can be eye- sores, and simply inconvenient. These are tips to keeping you kitchen plumbing under control and moving the way it was made to move. Most kitchens have attachment choices of hot water and cold water as well as gas or electric hook ups for stoves.

Underneath the sink which is usually inside a closed cabinet, you will see two tiny valves which are used for the hot and cold water supply. When you move the valves CW, the flow will halt. Beside the cold and hot water shut off valve, there might be other connections through saddle valves. This is for the purpose of use for ice maker, filter devices and other water-treatment equipment.

Shut off valves do the job of equipping cold and hot water to faucet. Elastic tubing make linking between valves and faucet lines easy. Faucets controlling an essential sprayer also use a sprayer hose which accommodate connection to another tailpiece.

Of the numerous plumbing problems which are treated with such agitation due to apprehension, one that could irritate and annoys us are slow flowing or clogging sinks. This clogging of the kitchen sinks can easily get to our nerves especially that we use our sinks regularly. This would make our tasks in the kitchen such as washing the dishes to take so long and consume so much of our time and energy.

Definitely, an efficient and practical kitchen sink is really necessary and the lack of it contributes to the disorder on the edge. Clogging sinks are disorderly and unpleasant.

It is of such importance that we know the causes why our kitchens have clogging sinks. Our kitchen sinks become clogged when small particles such as different food crumbs get to the drain and find their way into the conduits under the sink. Then, it is imperative to ensure food containers are clean of solid particles before washing them thoroughly in the sink.

If the clog in the kitchen sink is limited, a drain cleaner could be enough to unclog the sink. Pour a mixture of ½ cup baking soda with ½ cup vinegar gingerly and let it stand for some time before you letting water to run down to the drain to check the outcome of the treatment.

In the case that you think the reason for you clog is grease, put together 1/2 cup of baking soda and ½ cup salt, then pour enough boiling water and let it stand for the night. By early the next day, your kitchen will be clog-free.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
626 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4
(604) 872-4946
Place ID ChIJGXVB3ldxhlQRrjyJZMX9j98

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How To Deal With A Heating Repair Issue

If you are a homeowner, you almost certainly will have to deal with a heating repair problem at some point in time. Please keep in mind that today’s modern heating systems are complicated and should only be worked on by a qualified professional. If you try to fix anything that has stopped working, understand there are potential hazards not only in damaging your heating system, but you run the risk of personal injury if you try to repair it yourself. For your own sake, please leave this type of work to the professionals!

This article is meant to familiarize you with common heating issues. This way, you are better prepared to get an estimate, and you may even be able to identify a dishonest contractor.

heating repair

Checking Your Heating System for Problems

In all cases with electrically run systems, the first place to check for a failure is the breaker or fuse box. If a breaker is flipped or a fuse is blown, your solution could be as simple as flipping the breaker or replacing the fuse.

If that does not fix the problem; whether your breaker/fuse is flipped or blown, or if it immediately flips or blows after you close it, you at least have some information to provide to the contractor about your heating system.

Thermostat and Filters

If the problem could not be solved at the breaker or fuse box, the next place to check is your thermostat. Sometimes friends and family will change your thermostat’s settings or even turn it off and forget to tell you. If your thermostat settings are not out of the norm, then you should check your air filters.

Unless you have specialized electrostatic filters, this is an issue you can take care of yourself. Filters should be changed once a month as a general rule. A filter that has gone longer than this without being changed can dramatically affect the air flow in your system, which can cause problems with it working effectively.

Over a long enough period of time, inadequate maintenance on your filters can cause even more pressing problems with your system. If changing your filter does not fix your problem, it is definitely time to call a professional.

Identify Your Heating System Type

Not every heating system is the same, and different systems have different needs. To narrow down heating problems, you need to know what kind of heating system you have. These come in 3 types: Heat pumps, furnaces,and boilers.

Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular. Simply put, heat pumps move warm air to cooler areas, and cool air to warmer areas. These are outdoor units for the most part, but there are also some that operate indoors.

Furnaces are easy to find, but telling them apart from boilers can be slightly more tricky. Both can be found indoors, and usually in “out of the way” places such as the attic, garage, basement or (in the case of furnaces) in a dedicated closet. The main way to identify furnaces is that furnaces heat the air directly and blow it into ventilation ducts.

Boilers, on the other hand, heat water contained in pipes and radiators, which can then either heat rooms specifically, or provide heat that can be blown through duct work. Few homes use room radiator heating anymore. In either the case of boilers or furnaces, and sometimes with heat pumps, natural gas is the usual fuel that is used for heating your home.

Finding The Problem

There are two primary causes of heating repair problems. One is that it’s a result of a faulty installation; the other is bad maintenance.

If you have already had someone working on a furnace repair recently it is possible that they did not adequately fix your heating problem, or they may have inadvertently caused another problem.

When your contractor makes his estimate, he will probably ask you if you have checked the breaker/fuse box, the thermostat and the filters. Having already done this, you will have saved a lot of time and effort in the estimation process. He can then go on to check the duct-work, look more in-depth at the thermostat, and at the heater itself.

Once you find a few heating companies you feel can do the work to your satisfaction, ask them for a quote. You might be surprised to discover that these quotes vary substantially. Once you have a birds eye view of the perceived quality of work verses the amount you have been quoted, you can make a better decision on who to hire.

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Employment Opportunity For Skilled Immigrants

A Vancouver plumbing company has announced that it is expanding its services and open to hiring qualified tradesmen immigrating to Canada. Pioneer Plumbing & Heating will be open to hiring tradespeople who qualify for the Canadian Red Seal Program, which is a national standard of excellence for the skilled trades throughout Canada. It provides a competitive hiring advantage and allows workers the possibility of working anywhere in Canada.

More information can be found on the Vancouver plumbers website at: https://pioneerplumbing.com.

The site explains that Pioneer Plumbing has established itself as a well-respected service company in Greater Vancouver, earning a reputation as an innovative company that offers a wide range of high quality plumbing services. Whether it’s re-piping old houses, emergency plumbing, repairing blocked drains or leak repairs, the company’s expert staff pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.

Now they are expanding to ensure the innovative company is at the forefront of providing skilled work for immigrants in the area, adding to the expert team of staff to provide the best Vancouver plumbing services.

The Pioneer Plumbing website emphasizes that the company provides residential and commercial plumbing services throughout Vancouver, and specializes in hard to find, current and discontinued parts. In addition to this, they say that they can also provide Vancouver customers with new construction services, renovation and small commercial installations.

It goes on to explain that the company prides itself on providing expert leaks and repair service, installation of toilets and hot water tanks, and other installations like on demand water heaters, boilers and radiators. As well as installing these devices, the company can service existing ones and offer maintenance of all plumbing systems.

The new hires will help Pioneer Plumbing & Heating to expand its services in the Vancouver area and continue to offer the highest levels of customer service, ensuring that its customers are happy with the plumbing and repair work carried out.

For a look at the service areas this company covers in The Lower Mainland of Vancouver BC, click on this My Maps Link

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
626 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3K4
(604) 872-4946

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Tips For Taking Care of an HVAC System


An efficient HVAC system is the key to maintaining a comfortable, healthy interior environment. Through the years many home owners inquire about a technique to reduce their cost of energy for the HVAC system. They don’t want to sacrifice the interior environmental conditions, however they do want a-point-by-point plan to follow. The interesting thing that always happens is that energy bills are reduced by quite a bit and of course the HVAC performance is enhanced. This is a standard function of any HVAC contractor devoted to energy and HVAC.

Energy Optimization

The first step to acheiving energy and HVAC system optimization is to reduce the load. This step usually consists of a long range plan itemizing required sets to take based upon best value for your dollar. Reducing the system load will allow it to operate properly. In case a new system or systems are now being considered, it will be more economical to design for a load reduction as opposed to the prevailing load. A few common load reduction strategies include:

1. Look at the building’s exterior and add supplemental insulation. Adding insulation in existing buildings may not be achievable in some instances, so more deliberation ought to be aimed at the outside shell, above all the windows and doors.

2. Putting in energy-efficient windows. This can be a big item for some properties that have single pane windows. The replacement of double pane glazed windows with a temperature break is a wonderful bang for your buck. Ensure they are ENERGY STAR qualified windows. Tinting or Low-E coatings will even be better.

3. Upgrading lighting systems. The average industrial building has a lighting density of 2-3 watts per square foot which maintains proper lighting levels. This is a big part of the HVAC load and nearly all efforts to optimize this specific area will lower the cooling requirement of the building. Accent lighting (sometimes called architectural lighting) are not always energy efficient and should not be looked at if you want to reduce energy and HVAC expenses. Energy-efficient lighting systems release less heat into a cooled evironment than older incandescent technology. When you have a return air plenum instead of return air ductwork, consider light troffers in order that some heat from the lights is sent back to the HVAC system instead of going into the occupied areas.

4. Selecting equipment with better efficiency ratings that have a power saver option will reduce the heat gain in the space. Items to consider include copiers, kitchen equipment, personal computers and refrigerators.

5. Control ventilation by having your outside air balanced. Many building owners have sketches of the system installation. Have those drawings analyzed by using a mechanical engineer to verify your air-flow rates conform to the most recent code standards. If no sketches can be found, your engineer be able to make recommendations for improvement.

Handling these items is your first task to reducing energy and HVAC expenses.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The second step to realize energy and HVAC system optimization is understanding it. Your HVAC system is crucial for a comfortable environment, it also represents a major component of your utilities. While it is past the scope of this article to discuss every system, a few suggestions can be discussed. Every system component has grown in effectiveness over the years. If your system is more than 13 years old, it is time to begin thinking of an upgrade to new equipment. Well maintained residential systems have a life span of about fifteen years or so, but appear to shut down at the most inconvenient times. You should have a plan in place for the day your equipment fails.

Commercial systems will vary, but when your structure is using packaged equipment or split systems, the same lifetime can be expected. For industrial or large business systems, the HVAC system could also be more complex and require an individual analysis by a mechanical engineer. As I said, These types of systems vary so an individual analysis works for larger systems. What all these systems have in common is they are normally powered by electrical energy. Electricity has its price, so any effort toward better efficiency is a good thing.

HVAC System Suggestions:

Find a qualified contractor you can trust. If you are a property owner, find a good HVAC business or technician to assess and work on your system. Assuming you are a large commercial building owner, locate a commercial HVAC contractor for regular maintenance and a trusted mechanical engineer for impartial guidance. We do not recommend using a mechanical engineer employed by the HVAC Company; find a third party company for unbiased information.

Check your HVAC system load. Industrial properties have more requirements related to conformint to code requirements, ventilation rates, etc and therefore are individual to every place.

Choose equipment sized for the load. DO NOT OVERSIZE! Going overboard doesn’t work for HVAC systems. It will cost more to buy the apparatus as well as use it. Get the load and the equipment selection right the first time.

Purchase top efficient or Energy Star equipment. Most of the newer systems come with variable speed drives for moving parts. Over the years of ownership this will be repaid repeatedly. If you compare standard efficiency equipment to high efficiency equipment when it comes to the installation cost and life cycle expenditure. Any good HVAC company or contractor can get this information for you.

Think about some kind of energy recapture for any air exhausted from the building and re-use it to enhance the inbound outside air. This is the air you’ve paid for, so extracting a little of the existing energy before blowing it out it should be top priority.

For larger buildings, think about preparing outside air with a dedicated exterior air unit. This can solve problems with moisture control in many instances. It may also increase comfort and allow for further equipment optimization.

Large complexes might want to consider economizers on their equipment. Most current city codes require economizers on equipment in excess of 15 tons. Often offered at a low initial cost, these units use fresh air from outside whenever the temperatures (or humidity) outdoors is less than the inside temperature.

Both home owners and small business owners should think about installing programmable thermostats. Commercial buildings can setup a custom digital control system. This type of investment will pay back more than the cost right away.

Different Types o Control Systems

The third step to achieve system optimization is to control the system.

The Digital Thermostat: One of the best investments for the homeowner is a programmable thermostat. These are really easy to use and come with built in strategies based upon a schedule. Most manufacturers offer 7 day programs which will control the HVAC system timing and temperature. This is a wonderful way to ensure the system is used only when necessary.

DDC Systems: For the large commercial building, I consider this as an essential system. Installation costs have steadily decreased and performance reliability has steadily increased. They are often incorporated into any system and enhanced as required. Some of the more popular features of these systems are optimized start/stop, a variety of zone controls, temperature sensing unit and ventilation control. The best part of these solutions is their capability to be scaled up to the largest of commercial applications. This implies you can setup a somethng simple to begin with then increase the controls later to include your whole HVAC system. Again, the payback is short and well worth the money spent.

Coil Cleaning: This is always a big thing ignored by residential and commercial building owners. Condenser coils collect dirt and debris on their surfaces because they are outside. Diry coils make the compressor work overtime and results in a higher refrigerant temperatures in the refridgerant system. Dirty evaporation and heat coils circulate the dust and fibers inside the building. Clean them at least once a year

Ongoing Operations and Maintenance

The fourth and last step to realize energy and HVAC system optimization is regular up keep. The most effective systems are well looked after. You can ensure reliability, efficacy and a long life for your HVAC system by using these suggestions.

Find a qualified contractor you can trust. Find the best company or technician to analyze and work on your system. If you are a large building owner, find a commercial|an industrial} HVAC business for regular upkeep. Ensure you keep track of servicing with dates, times and names of the servicing person.

Home owners must always get a regular tune up. The way your system works will vary depending on the time of year.

Replace your air filters regularly. Don’t use anything less than a MERV 5 filter to assure most of the dust is captured. Dirty filters negate your savings and allow dust to pass through.

Summing Things up

Optimizing your HVAC system will help to lower energy fees. General knowledge of your system and becoming familiar with money sving strategies will save on energy costs and boost the life of your system.

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A Few Pointers About Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater is as good as its name – heaters without storage container. Therefore, these types of heaters are also known as Demand water heaters or Instantaneous water heaters. With these heaters, you can get hot water any time you want. These heaters can save a lot of energy as they can heat water while it is flowing out of the faucet and does not drain water as well. So, the chance of energy wastage during heating large volume of water is low. It’s greatest advantage is that it saves energy as well as space.


There are two main types of tankless water heaters – Full on/ full off and Modulated-In. The former does not have a variable power output level; it is either on or off. In case of the later, the heart output will depend on the total volume of water that will be flowing out of faucet. It has an additional flow sensor, inlet water temperature sensor, outlet temperature sensor choke valve and modulating gas valve. Irrespective of the water volume in use, you will get the same temperature.

Tips at Hand

There are various factors that must be considered before buying one of these heaters since these are electronic devices that will be used daily. Hence, you must accumulate all the necessary details before making an investment:

1. First and foremost, you must determine the requirement- how much water is needed and how many application points are available. The requirements are likely to vary from one single point application to multipoint application or sometimes even whole house application. Each application will have certain demands that must be taken into account.

2. The nest point of consideration is the normal temperature of water in the house; this is likely to vary. Colder climactic conditions will have cold water and normal temperature or warmer climate will have accordingly.

3. The type of fuel to be used will also be an important factor that needs to be decided. You will have to choose between electric heater and gas-fired heater. In case of an electric model, you must ensure the amperage, voltage and circuit breaker.

It is very important to keep all these considerations in mind as the voltage that is required for these heaters will be quite high. The amperage is also variable depending on the type of heater and the circuit breaker, which is essential for keeping the circuit separate.

When you are using a gas-fired model, you must determine the type of fuel it will be using- Natural gas or Propane. If you already have a gas line ready, you should check it out to determine whether or not the gas line is sufficient enough for the heater. Also, you must be very careful while buying the venting accessories and you must also check the building code and everything else that will be required before the heater is installed.

Before ordering a new water heater installation Vancouver, ensure that you have seen the different types of water heaters available; take the costs of the heaters of multiple brands; collect references and feedback and make sure you choose the best thing.

For those of us who have an older on demand water heater and you’re thinking of an upgrade or a replacement you might be able to extend its life a little with an inexpensive  tankless water heater service done by a local plumber. In some cases (but not all) you can still use the old one for another year or two.

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A Few DIY Roofing TIps

One of the most helpful roofing tips you will ever get is that you don’t always need to climb up to your roof top to determine if you have leaks. You can simply start poking around in your attic in search of watermarks. If they are present, then your roof needs some attention!

One of the roofing tips related to what you discover in your attic is that the part of your roof which needs fixing will be located between two and three feet above the location of the watermark, which makes perfect sense because water flows down not up. One final roofing tip on the subject of who should repair your leaky roof is that if the wood on your roof has suffered actual damage, you need to turn the repairs over to a professional roofing contractor.

Your Materials

No collection of tips is of any value unless it offers info about the materials you’ll have to have on hand before you can begin a roof repair. The first thing you’ll need, because they will be visible to the rest of the world, are roofing shingles identical to the ones which need to be replaced. To determine how many of these shingles you must lay your hands on, you will simply multiply the length of the area to be repaired by its width, and divide the answer by one hundred.

The figure you get is the number of roofing squares which will be required to complete your roof repair. What’s a roofing square?

A roofing square is the equivalent of three bundles of shingles, and is large enough to cover one hundred square feet of a roof. So one bundle of shingles will cover 33.3 square feet of roof.

Up On The Roof

While you are up on the roof measuring the area to be repaired, sneak a peek at the condition of the roofing felt or tar paper which is under the damaged shingles. If it is, take up a tiny sample of it to give to some in the know at your local hardware or home improvement store when you make the trip to order your roofing shingles. Fixing your tar paper or roofing felt should be quite simple as long as you get the correct material.


Twice a year is a good schedule to stick to when looking at the rain gutters. If there are a lot of trees close to your house then you might even want to check the gutters once of twice during the summer, especially if there has been a big storm. Clean gutters are a first line of defense for keeping the basement dry. If your gutters aren’t directing rain water away from the foundation properly there’s a good chance that issue can cause seepage in through the foundation. A cracked foundation can become a major problem if not nipped in the bud.

We’ve passed along just a few roofing tips, but by using them you should find it fairly easy both to affect repairs on a small roofing problem and to install a few replacement shingles. But don’t kid yourself. All the roofing tips in the world will be useless if you are confronted with major repairs. If you are, save yourself the headaches and call a roofing contractor to handle the job.

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Plumbing Repair Tips

Plumbing repairs can be very costly. Truth is, wear and tear on your fixtures is inevitable and could occur anytime. Your sink might get clogged up in the wee hours of the morning and there is no one you can call for help.

As much as we want to deal with the problem without having to hire the services of a professional, the most practical way to address the issue is to ask for help. While you can always hire the services of a professional plumber, there are a few plumbing tips you can employ at home in order to avoid costly repairs.

A little problem that is left untreated can actually turn into a nightmare. If you see a leak on your service pipe, take necessary actions to have it fixed. Remember that no matter how small the problem is, it needs to be taken care of right away.

Small repairs such as changing the washer or cartridge don’t require the expertise of a plumber. You can actually do it yourself without having to call for help. But if you feel that you can’t handle the problem as it is beyond your skills, call for some help as soon as the problem occurs.

Home maintenance should include taking care of any material that may cause your drain and sink to clog up. Likewise, you also have to take care of the grease and oil buildup that clog up you sink. To address the problem, you must collect excess grease in different containers and then dispose it when it solidifies.

Another option is to hire the services of a reputable plumbing company. The plumbing company will check your system every so often and could prevent you from worrying about major plumbing issues in the future. Remember that the sooner you take preventive actions, the more money you can save on costly repairs.

Truth is, your plumbing system eats a portion of your income. If you notice any part of your plumbing system that needs repair, then you might want to consider replacing it. Sometimes, replacing a system is considered a wise investment. It is better to spend money and have your fixture replaced than incur recurring fees for costly repairs.

Make sure you check your water-heater, faucets and shower-heads. If you have hired the services of a plumbing company, make sure you have everything checked and ask for possible replacements.


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Various Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods and Their Effectiveness

Almost every home has a carpet as a necessity, as carpets help make the floor and house warm all seasons round. Carpets are also used as decor in many homes, as different colors and designs are great to look at. These carpets are susceptible to dust and other forms of dirt.

Some stains are too stubborn to clean, and it may take ages before the stain can come off from your special mat. Although there are different techniques of cleaning carpets, special detergents and cleaning materials are required to make the cleaning exercise worthwhile. If you have been dealing with carpet stains and are still worried how they can become clean again, maybe it is time you tried a carpet cleaning expert.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet absorbent technique: This is a method or technique used when cleaning organic dirt and other materials that dissolve in water. The technique involves spraying water with solvents on the stained area, giving the mat or carpets some time to soak and dissolve the stain, then vacuuming the area. This technique consumes very little time, and the stains are effectively cleaned out in good time. In addition to this, drying time for carpets cleaned using this technique is very minimal too.

Bonnet Technique

This is a cleaning technique employed for stubborn stains on specific parts of a carpet. It is a dry cleaning procedure where a rotating brush is used to scrub off strains and dirt from specific areas of a carpet. Only a minimal amount of water is used in this cleaning procedure. It is effective for cleaning spots in a carpet that have stubborn stains. Special biodegradable detergents are however recommended when using this cleaning criterion.


Shampooing is a cleaning method where a shampoo solution is used to clean carpets. Most carpet cleaners use two methods when cleaning with shampoo. There is the wet shampoo cleaning method where the carpet material is soaked in a shampoo solution, then vacuumed dry to remove dirt materials.

Another shampooing method is the use of aerosol foam shampoo. With this method, shampoo is sprayed on the dirty carpet, after which the solution is allowed to dry. Vacuuming completes the cleaning method. One point to note when using shampoo is that, ammonia based shampoo may leave foul smell after the cleaning procedure.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most common cleaning technique that most people use. It involves vacuuming the carpet to remove solid dirt materials from the carpet. When this is done, the carpet is subjected to pressurized hot steamy water to remove stains and other forms of dirt from the carpet.

To better clean dirt from the carpet and make it look like new, one is required to first shampoo or spray some detergent on the carpet. The detergent is then allowed to work on dirt by dissolving and breaking down stubborn dirt materials from the carpet. The detergent is allowed around 15- 30 minutes to work on the dirt, and then steam cleaned. The water pressure and its hotness farther dissolve dirt for effective removal.

This type of carpet cleaning technique takes some time to dry, hence patience is required. Nonetheless, there are specialized vacuuming equipment and materials that can be used to speed up drying time in these carpets. It is thus due to this reason why you need to look for a carpet cleaning company that understands all about carpet cleaning and advancements in the same field.

Rotovac 360i

For top quality care and a carpet that stay clean longer, ask around for companies that use the Rotovac 360i. It is the best quality equipment on the market today and services using this type of equipment show they care about doing a good job. The Rotovac 360i is one of the most expensive carpet cleaning tools on the market today, good for commercial and residential carpet cleaning Abbotsford.


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When You Need a Plumber

Sometimes a person is just in honest need of a good plumber. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to everyone, after all but did you know that a plumber service isn’t just for weird leaks and the like? They also perform routine checks of a person’s septic tank for a fee. There are many reasons why your licensed plumber should always be on speed dial, this is simply one of them.

Don’t Hire a Handyman

A plumbers work is generally run by a licensed plumber or a master plumber. It is usually fairly easy to find plumber services in an area. In fact, a person would have more than a few plumber services to look at when deciding on which one would work for them.

A plumber provides many different types of maintenance service work including the installation and repair of pipes, fittings and fixtures. An emergency plumber can also provide service to other plumbing equipment that is used for water distribution, waste water disposal and venting in various areas such as residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

Those that go into the plumbing industry usually have to do over five years of schooling and other outside work before they are allowed to apply to take the test to become a licensed plumber. Surprisingly, despite this difficult task, it is quite easy to find a plumber.

Most often a service of plumber will be a small, family owned business instead of one of the larger ones as the smaller businesses often outnumber the larger ones.

Various Services Are Typical

In fact, most plumbers also offer septic tank pumping services as well as septic tank replacement services. However, not every plumber service does this and they would specify their specialties in their ads and if they do not, questions are generally welcome. Often times, it is required by state and/or county law that a septic tank is changed or cleaned every certain number of years, with that number varying from place to place.

If you are looking to find good North Vancouver plumbers in your area, it is best to ask around. Generally a neighbor or family member or the like would not hesitate to give you his or her recommendation on a good plumber service. It is important to listen to recommendations as they can help you narrow down the many plumber services offered by licensed plumbers in your area, which otherwise would be somewhat difficult to both find a plumber and narrow down one that you liked.

Plumbing services may not make up the largest part of the economy nor may they be highly looked upon but neither changes the fact that society needs a good number of licensed plumbers so we all have those choices.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating North Vancouver
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How to Install an Interior Drain Tile System

A basement may be plagued by standing water or persistent dampness as a result of seasonal flooding, a high water table, poor exterior drainage or other factors. Several exterior or interior drainage systems can be implemented to provide relief.

Although drain tile installation inside a basement, by its very nature, does not render the basement waterproof, a properly installed drain tile system will capture water and direct it below the basement floor to prevent water from entering the basement proper.


1. Break up the concrete slab around the perimeter where the drain will be placed. Make a trench, but avoid damaging the footing for the wall, which must remain intact so as to support the wall.

2. Dig a trench at least 6 inches wide and to about the same depth next to the footing. When excavating, bear in mind that the trench and the pipe that will be placed later must slope slightly toward a sump pump or other outlet, and must be higher than any inlet on the sump pit. Typically, only a change in elevation of 1/4 inch is necessary.

3. Drill a series of 3/8-inch-deep holes along the base of the wall using a rotary hammer if the wall is made of cinder blocks or is otherwise hollow.

4. Place about 2 inches of clean, coarse gravel in the trench, making sure that you retain the slight slope established at the trench bottom.

5. Place the drain tile in the trench, again checking to make sure it slopes toward the sump pump. Use an adapter, if necessary, to attach the drain tile to the sump pit.

6. Fill in the space on either side of the drain tile with gravel.

7. Install a flange that extends from the trench up the wall. The flange should be engineered to leave a small gap between the flange material and the wall so that water flows down the wall directly into the drain.

8. Fill in the remainder of the trench, up to the height where a concrete patch of the desired thickness can be placed and be flush with the existing floor surface.

9. Cover the excavated trench area with a concrete patch, packing it in with a trowel and smoothing the surface with a float.

10. Install panels over the basement walls, if desired. Use drive anchors rather than an adhesive so as to provide space for any moisture seeping through the wall to drain down to the flange. Use a panel made from a material that does not support mold growth, like fiberglass.

11. Direct the discharge pipe or hose from the sump pump far enough away from the house and other structures and make sure that the landscape slopes away from the house so that water cannot easily re-enter.

Note: Whether or not you go ahead with a project like this you will want to clean the perimeter drain every two or three years. We recommend you hire a drain tile Vancouver service that uses a hydro flush system to blow out dirt and blockages. Keeping the drains clean should be on your maintenance list of important things.

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The Basics of House Painting

One of the easiest ways to touch up an old house’s look is by giving it a paint job. Considered to the best way to give your house a makeover, whether you’re just tired of the same old color scheme or you’re spring cleaning around the place, house painting is the best option you can use. Nonetheless, how does someone start the task of painting their house?

However Vancouver house painting is something that is best left to professionals. Even if you do choose to undertake the task on your own, it is hardly possible to complete the task without errors and in a short time period on their own. While there are many skilled amateur painters, it is still better to not risk it owing to the fact that there is a possibility of ending up with a bad paint job.

A house that is painted well will have a paint coat that will be durable for a few years and help to make your house look more beautiful as well. Nonetheless, it is possible to have a paint job go bad. In such scenarios, it is possible for the house to look ugly and the paint job would require you spend more time than you normally would to make it look right. However, before you choose to start such a project, here are a few facts that you should consider.

Preparing the House

Preparing the house for paint is one of the most important basic steps that should be done before you start applying the paint. Make certain that all sensitive areas are secured and made paint-proof. These areas include portions of the house which are susceptible to damage. Plus you will not suffer any splatters, paints and other accidents whether it’s an interior or exterior job. By going the extra mile this way, you can avoid incurring semi-permanent or extensive damages which could have been avoided very easily.

Painting Sensibly

Try focusing on one wall at a time when you’ve started painting. While it is always easier to multi task, don’t risk your wall corners and other nooks and crannies to a bad paint job while you’re painting your wall. By taking the project one wall at a time, you’ll not only be able to apply the pain coat evenly but you’ll also be able to focus on the brush and rolling techniques for your paint job that can produce the best results and ensure a seamless finish.

Getting an Even Tone in the Paint

Sometimes, it is possible for paint of the same color to have slight differences in hue owing to their canning conditions. Although this change in hue is not always noticeable to see, it can be visually jarring to see, particularly if you’re switching cans halfway through painting a wall. In order to avoid such situations, you can get a 5 gallon bucket and mix in two or three cans of paint. Stir the paint well together and you’ll have even toned paint. Nonetheless, while paint in a can is easier to carry around, this method ensures your walls all have a nice even color tone.

Call for Help

House painting can be daunting task for many people so don’t be afraid to call in the professionals for help. Hiring a team of professional Vancouver house painters ensures that your paint job will be done under care and expertise of seasoned, professional painters who will ensure that that your house is also unscathed in the process.

Furthermore, the end result of a professional paint job speaks for itself. You’ll not only find messes kept to a minimal amount but you’ll also end up with a cleaner smoother finish that is well worth the cost.

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Warning Signs That You Have a Drainage Problem

Drainage problems may seem insignificant, but could quickly evolve into problems that go far beyond the drainage system. It’s important to note that drainage problems do not simply appear; there are tell-tale signs that we tend to ignore.

Drainage problems are brought about by a number of factors, including improper drainage fixtures such as Vancouver perimeter drain tile that is too narrow, because clogged drains and can lead to difficulty dispelling water, hence creating backups that could lead to serious problems.

One of the best ways to ensure that your drainage is working properly is to regularly inspect your home.

Top Warnings of Drainage Problems

  • Unpleasant drainage odors
  • Strange sounds in the drainage
  • Slow draining water
  • Penetration of water in the walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Water accumulation in the various areas within and around the home
  • Soil changes in specified areas

One of the signs to look out for is unpleasant smells emanating from the drainage system. Blockages are usually a result of hair and food which eventually begin to accumulate slime– and hence the awful smell. You may also want to look out for slow draining water which is the easiest way to know that your drainage is in danger.

Slow drainage means that there is an obstruction. You can also tell that your drainage is experiencing some problems by listening to the sounds its makes. Gurgling sounds are brought about when you have trapped air in the drain. Foundation cracks also indicate that there is a drainage leak, usually caused by a perimeter drainage issue.

Water resurgence is a clear sign of a Vancouver drainage problem. You also need to look for signs of localized flooding on areas— such as the rooftop and yard. Presence of moisture walls could tell you if you have drainage problems.

Preventing Drainage Problems

You can easily prevent drainage problems from occurring by:

  • Installing sink strainers
  • Regularly cleaning the drainage system
  • Planting trees and plants away from the drainage pipes

Sink strainers help clear foreign objects from your drainage; these could help catch food particles, hair and other matters that could easily go down your drain and potentially lead to blockage. If you are planting trees, plant them away from your exterior drainage pipes. If you already have trees and plants, make sure that the roots do not invade your pipes.

Cleaning your drainage system is important. You can keep your sink clean by simply pouring hot water and using a suction pump to remove any grease and other build ups. However, be very careful about using popular drainage cleaners, as they easily corrode drainage pipes and lead to greater problems.

Stopping drainage problems early is essential, as it could prevent blockages from occurring and even arrest leaks in time, thus preventing structural damages and consequent expenses.

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Tips for Finding a Reliable Plumbing Company

Hiring a plumber can be a tedious task. You’ve heard stories from friends and family members who have had disasters happen when they hired an irresponsible plumber by mistake. How can you avoid the mistake of hiring a plumber who could make things worse? How do you even know what a responsible plumber should do when they are in your home? After all, if you were a plumber and knew what they do, you wouldn’t have to hire one in the first place. Following are three tips of how a professional and responsible plumber will act in your home or business:

1) A Responsible Plumber Cleans Up Their Mess

Plumbers should not be like children coming in to your house. Children and teens are expected to leave a mess with cups, plates, wrappers and general messiness around a house. A plumber hired to do a job should not leave any trace they were in your house. The pieces of pipe cut off, the wrappers they take off of parts, any debris or leftover parts should be thrown away or removed from the work site when they leave. There should not be any tools, pipes, plumbing pieces or debris from a repair or install leftover when the job is done and they leave.

2) Good Plumbers Arrive On Time

When you call and schedule an appointment with any plumbers Vancouver, no matter if it is for an estimate or for a repair, they should arrive on time. As with anything else, delays can happen, but if they are going to happen, you should receive a phone call, an explanation of what happened and a time when they will arrive. A professional plumber will value you as a customer, because after all they are working for you. If they want you to recommend them to other people, they will arrive on time.

3) A Plumber Uses Proper Tools and Equipment

Professional plumbers are trained to handle many different types of repairs and installations. They know what the proper tools to use are and what the proper parts to fix a problem will be. If you were to go and watch them work, you shouldn’t see them piece together parts because they didn’t bring the right sized ones or they don’t feel like going to the store in order to get the right part. A professional will get the right sized piece the first time and not piece-meal something in place just to say it was done. They will also stand behind their work as a quality job by a professional, so you are confident in their plumbing service.

If there is a plumber in your home fixing pipes or doing an installation and he doesn’t follow the previous tips, then it is time to look for a new one. Responsible plumbers know their trade and only use the correct sized parts for the job, they arrive on time on their scheduled day and they clean up their mess so you hardly realize they were in your home. The only way you might realize they were in your home is if you looked and saw new pipes or didn’t have a broken appliance when you arrived home!

One call to Pioneer Plumbing Services in Vancouver will be the answer to any plumbing problems you need fixed. They have high standards and great customer service. Their goal is to meet the needs of the community and keep customer service the number one priority.

If there is ever a concern with any of their work, you have a 100% money back guarantee, which is uncommon among plumbers.

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