Warning Signs That You Have a Drainage Problem

Drainage problems may seem insignificant, but could quickly evolve into problems that go far beyond the drainage system. It’s important to note that drainage problems do not simply appear; there are tell-tale signs that we tend to ignore.

Drainage problems are brought about by a number of factors, including improper drainage fixtures such as Vancouver perimeter drain tile that is too narrow, because clogged drains and can lead to difficulty dispelling water, hence creating backups that could lead to serious problems.

One of the best ways to ensure that your drainage is working properly is to regularly inspect your home.

Top Warnings of Drainage Problems

  • Unpleasant drainage odors
  • Strange sounds in the drainage
  • Slow draining water
  • Penetration of water in the walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Water accumulation in the various areas within and around the home
  • Soil changes in specified areas

One of the signs to look out for is unpleasant smells emanating from the drainage system. Blockages are usually a result of hair and food which eventually begin to accumulate slime– and hence the awful smell. You may also want to look out for slow draining water which is the easiest way to know that your drainage is in danger.

Slow drainage means that there is an obstruction. You can also tell that your drainage is experiencing some problems by listening to the sounds its makes. Gurgling sounds are brought about when you have trapped air in the drain. Foundation cracks also indicate that there is a drainage leak, usually caused by a perimeter drainage issue.

Water resurgence is a clear sign of a Vancouver drainage problem. You also need to look for signs of localized flooding on areas— such as the rooftop and yard. Presence of moisture walls could tell you if you have drainage problems.

Preventing Drainage Problems

You can easily prevent drainage problems from occurring by:

  • Installing sink strainers
  • Regularly cleaning the drainage system
  • Planting trees and plants away from the drainage pipes

Sink strainers help clear foreign objects from your drainage; these could help catch food particles, hair and other matters that could easily go down your drain and potentially lead to blockage. If you are planting trees, plant them away from your exterior drainage pipes. If you already have trees and plants, make sure that the roots do not invade your pipes.

Cleaning your drainage system is important. You can keep your sink clean by simply pouring hot water and using a suction pump to remove any grease and other build ups. However, be very careful about using popular drainage cleaners, as they easily corrode drainage pipes and lead to greater problems.

Stopping drainage problems early is essential, as it could prevent blockages from occurring and even arrest leaks in time, thus preventing structural damages and consequent expenses.

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