A Few Pointers About Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater is as good as its name – heaters without storage container. Therefore, these types of heaters are also known as Demand water heaters or Instantaneous water heaters. With these heaters, you can get hot water any time you want. These heaters can save a lot of energy as they can heat water while it is flowing out of the faucet and does not drain water as well. So, the chance of energy wastage during heating large volume of water is low. It’s greatest advantage is that it saves energy as well as space.


There are two main types of tankless water heaters – Full on/ full off and Modulated-In. The former does not have a variable power output level; it is either on or off. In case of the later, the heart output will depend on the total volume of water that will be flowing out of faucet. It has an additional flow sensor, inlet water temperature sensor, outlet temperature sensor choke valve and modulating gas valve. Irrespective of the water volume in use, you will get the same temperature.

Tips at Hand

There are various factors that must be considered before buying one of these heaters since these are electronic devices that will be used daily. Hence, you must accumulate all the necessary details before making an investment:

1. First and foremost, you must determine the requirement- how much water is needed and how many application points are available. The requirements are likely to vary from one single point application to multipoint application or sometimes even whole house application. Each application will have certain demands that must be taken into account.

2. The nest point of consideration is the normal temperature of water in the house; this is likely to vary. Colder climactic conditions will have cold water and normal temperature or warmer climate will have accordingly.

3. The type of fuel to be used will also be an important factor that needs to be decided. You will have to choose between electric heater and gas-fired heater. In case of an electric model, you must ensure the amperage, voltage and circuit breaker.

It is very important to keep all these considerations in mind as the voltage that is required for these heaters will be quite high. The amperage is also variable depending on the type of heater and the circuit breaker, which is essential for keeping the circuit separate.

When you are using a gas-fired model, you must determine the type of fuel it will be using- Natural gas or Propane. If you already have a gas line ready, you should check it out to determine whether or not the gas line is sufficient enough for the heater. Also, you must be very careful while buying the venting accessories and you must also check the building code and everything else that will be required before the heater is installed.

Before ordering a new water heater installation Vancouver, ensure that you have seen the different types of water heaters available; take the costs of the heaters of multiple brands; collect references and feedback and make sure you choose the best thing.

For those of us who have an older on demand water heater and you’re thinking of an upgrade or a replacement you might be able to extend its life a little with an inexpensive¬† tankless water heater service done by a local plumber. In some cases (but not all) you can still use the old one for another year or two.

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